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What to do in summer?

During the warmer period, the flowers grow, the river warms up, the days get longer and the weather gets sunny. The gardens bloom, the terraces open and the boats leave from the boats dock. Come and enjoy it with us!

Activity, movement and discovery

Auberge Bruine Océane - Promenade des capitaines

La promenade des Capitaines

The Promenade des Capitaines is a path along the Matane River in the city center. Commemorative plaques recount the maritime history of Matane. In addition, under its domes, there are tributes to former captains of ships who have marked history. During your walk, you can observe seabirds and the magnificent landscapes of the Matane River. In summer, picnic tables are set up on the Promenade des Capitaines to enjoy the area. You can go get yourself something to eat and sit at the tables on a sunny day.

Auberge Bruine Océane - Parc des Îles

Le Parc des Îles

Accessible year-round, the Parc des Îles is a 1.2 km loop of paved trail. Several activities are available on site such as a supervised beach, water games for toddlers, pedal boat rental, paddle boarding, kayaking and canoeing, a playground, mini golf and an outdoor recreation exercises center. In winter, there is a 430 meter ice ring with free access. For those who wish, it is possible to continue the walk towards the Sentier de la Balade and on the Promenade des Capitaines to reach 8.5 km.

Auberge Bruine Océane - Barachois

Le Barachois

Less than 10 minutes walk from the Inn, Le Barachois, a perfect place to relax by the sea.When we think of Gaspésie, we imagine relaxing and enjoying the good times by the sea. This is an opportunity to discover a new place to have a drink, admire the beauty of our maritime landscape and celebrate with friends and family. A brand new outdoor terrace on the shores of the St. Lawrence was recently inaugurated at the Barachois de Matane, near the marina. Culinary evenings and musical shows are offered all summer long. A BBQ is even available for those who would like to grill a good meal before enjoying it. A bar service is available on site with more than 75% of the menu inspired by local products including several beers from our Gaspesian microbreweries. You want to fish on the old Matane wharf, but don't have the equipment with you? The Barachois has the solution for you! Some fishing equipment is available for rent.

Auberge Bruine Océane - Poste d'observation du saumon

Salmon Rising Observation Station

Experience the odyssey of the Atlantic salmon migration and discover its particularities (with guide-interpreters) via the observation post for the rise of the salmon in Matane, Mathieu-D'Amours dam. Observe the salmon and visit the exhibition that tells the history of the Matane River and its dam. The Matane River, accessible from downtown, is 101 km long and offers 79 pools for salmon fishing.

Auberge Bruine Océane - Jardin de Doris

Jardins de Doris

On a beautiful sunny day, visit the Jardins de Doris, a little gem of the region. Go meet Doris and Sylvain Ross, the owners of this magnificent enchanting place. Friendly and passionate, they have helped many people in need over the years by offering them jobs. Located at 2.7 km from the hostel, the Jardins de Doris will make you discover their giant rockeries, a small island with exceptional plants, an observation tower which gives you a superb view of the gardens and other amazing elements.

Auberge Bruine Océane - Initiation pêche au saumon

Introduction to salmon fishing

Want to start fishing for salmon? The Matane River organization offers fishing courses with qualified guides, designated by the Matane River Management Society. They provide flexible coaching that allows clients to learn the tips and tricks to better practice this sport. The course is 8 hours long and you will learn the main rules and code of ethics, fishing equipment, knots, pit reading, basic fishing techniques and catch and release.

Auberge Bruine Océane - Destination Haute mer

Fishing on the boat dock and with Destination Haute-mer

You like to fish and you are looking for the best place to practice this sport in Matane? It is possible to catch fish almost everywhere in Matane, with or without a permit. The closest place is under the bridge in front of the Inn. But know that there is also the company Destination Haute-Mer that takes you by boat on the St. Lawrence River for a morning, afternoon or evening. You can fish for mackerel, cod, striped bass or several species of groundfish and observe the marine mammals that inhabit our superb region.

Auberge Bruine Océane - Pourvoirie de la Gaspésie

Pourvoirie de la Gaspésie (Trout fishing)

La pourvoirie de la Gaspésie is located in Grosses-Roches in Gaspesie, it offers many services and one of them, very popular in Quebec is the fishing of brook trout, also called speckled trout, one of the most sought after species by sport fishermen. She takes the bait easily, but shows character once she's hooked. Its flesh is recognized as one of the best.

Auberge Bruine Océane - Club de Golf de Matane

Club de Golf Matane

Located at the gateway to the Gaspé Peninsula, the Club de golf de Matane was designed to highlight its splendid environment, its wooded areas and waterways, while offering an unobstructed view of Matane's renowned salmon river and the St. Lawrence River. Playing on this Scott Watson course means playing on a course with a diverse design that will satisfy golfers of all levels.

Auberge Bruine Océane - Club de vélo éolien de Matane

Matane Wind Cycling Club

The Club de vélo Éolien de Matane offers, in collaboration with the cross-country ski club, more than 45 kilometers of marked mountain bike trails. Because of their technical and fun character, these trails are of great interest. The freeride area is to be discovered. The cycling club has made it its mission to develop new trails each year in order to diversify the routes for the regional competition that has been held for the past 11 years. In addition, the Matane area has a multitude of trails accessible from downtown. Club members make it a point to introduce visitors to their favorite mountain biking spot.

Auberge Bruine Océane - Kaméléart Matane

Kaméléart shows

Before your stay, watch the summer program of our show presenter in Matane. This prolific company offers shows of all genres. Whether it's music, comedy, dance, theater or other, there's something for everyone. While watching the sunset, with a drink in hand, shows take place at the Barachois and other shows are presented as part of the Festival Éole en musique. With a varied program, Kaméléart will allow you to get time for a show.

Microbrewery tour

A summer activity that can be fun is to tour the microbreweries of the region. Starting with the La Fabrique microbrewery where you will benefit from a 15% discount, by showing your invoice from the Auberge Bruine Océane. Located 800 meters from the hostel, this Resto-Bar will surprise you with its warm atmosphere, delicious local food and renowned beer. Continue your journey to Saint-Anne-des-Monts, to Le Malbord, to Le Ketch in Sainte-Flavie, to Cap Gaspé in Gaspé, to Le Naufrageur in Carleton-sur-Mer or to Pit Caribou in Percé.

International Appalachian Trail

No matter your level of experience, the International Appalachian Trail has over 650 km of trails to suit your needs. For day hikes, access to the trails is free from the Matane Wildlife Reserve. On more than 100 km of trail, this section includes the Chic-Chocs mountains from easy to very difficult. To see opening dates and other important information, call the SIA office, go to the tourist information desk, or visit their website.

Auberge Bruine Océane - Réserve faunique de Matane

Réserve faunique de Matane

The Matane Wildlife Reserve, with an area of 1,275 km2, has one of the largest concentrations of moose per square kilometer in all of Quebec! Twenty or so lakes where you can fish and hiking trails specially designed to be simple, accessible, pleasant, but above all memorable. You will certainly find a hike that will offer you the experience you are looking for, both in terms of difficulty and the landscapes you will encounter. On the site, several rental services are offered." Oversized Tire Bike, Paddleboarding, Kayaking and Canyoning "

Auberge Bruine Océane - Vignoble Carpinteri

Carpinteri Vineyard

Visit and free tasting: did you know that Tuscany exists in Matania? It is at the Carpinteri Vineyard, in St-Ulric (15 min from Matane), that the Carpinteri family have installed their villa, straight from Italy. Talk to Mr. Tony and his wife Renee, the owners of this beautiful area. The vineyards, the villa, the fountain and the products will amaze you!

Matane Maritime Lighthouse-Museum

This lighthouse dating from 1906 offers a splendid view of the city and the sea. From the top of this cylindrical tower of more than twenty meters, observe the maritime traffic, the wind farm and the Chic-Chocs mountains. Installed at the top, find the wheelhouse equipment of a modern ship: radar, radio transmitter, ship tracking, weather station, etc. Note that the janitor's house is also the host of the Matanie Tourist Office.

Historical and Genealogical Society

This organization, founded in 1949, wants to contribute to the safeguard and the development of the regional heritage. During your visit, you will discover a library of marriage directories, parish monographs, newspaper collections including "La Voix gaspésienne", a photo bank and genealogical records, antique objects and furniture from a wealthy home as well as the management and development of "La couleur de la Gaspésie" by Claude Picher.

Auberge Bruine Océane - Labyrinthe du Cégep de Matane

Labyrinth of the Cégep de Matane

An easy 2.3 km hiking trail with a fun and educational puzzle game. The aim is to find objects scattered in the labyrinth in order to solve the mysteries. For geocaching enthusiasts, this code can enhance your hike: GC1HXNG.

Auberge Bruine Océane - Vieux Moulin

Vieux Moulin Hydromellery

Le Vieux Moulin, an intoxicating stopover and a museological jewel... In the warm decor of an ancestral water mill, passionate artisans make fabulous honey wines that have won several gold medals (Nations Cup, All Canadian Wine Championships, Finger Lakes International Wine Competition). Upstairs, the Musée de la Neufve-France is filled with heritage treasures from New France and exceptional First Nations artifacts. At the beekeeping boutique, sparkling and still meads are available alongside a wide range of fine products from the hive. Observation hive, open all year round

Auberge Bruine Océane - Jardins de Mitis

Mitis Garden

The Jardin de Mitis is recognized as one of the wonders of Quebec and as one of the largest gardens in North America. The Jardins de Métis is a plant paradise on the shores of the St. Lawrence River. Some 3,000 species and varieties of plants, including the famous Himalayan blue poppy, are spread over 15 gardens. We also find in the tour, the vegetable garden and the museum of gardener's tools. Discover the edible plants and herbs that inspire the chef at Villa Estevan Restaurant.

Art, culture and heritage Matane

Discover a rich heritage and meet local artists and artisans. Cultural and heritage sites, art galleries, craft stores and theaters, the cultural life of Matan is rich and diversified. Here is some information for arts and culture enthusiasts.

Auberge Bruine Océane - Projet Éole

Projet Éole

The Éole Project is a must for travelers to the Gaspé Peninsula, it is the highest vertical axis wind turbine in the world. Visit the experimental energy plant built in the 80's, stopped since 1993, the largest wind turbine of the time and to this day the highest vertical axis wind turbine in the world. Enter the generator and see all its remains to understand its unique design. Explanatory panels on the history of Aeolus, the development of wind energy and the facts of the current industry as well as the presence of a guide are available to answer all your questions. A panoramic terrace with a 360 view allows you to admire the picturesque landscape of the Nordais wind farm. Parts of wind turbines to observe more closely are arranged on the site. The climb to the top of Aeolus, allowing you to climb the ladders leading to the upper balcony located at a height of 110 meters, is available in the evening, at 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm.

Un séjour bien planifié!

In Matanie, let yourself be lulled by the sound of the waves and take advantage of the wide open spaces to get away from it all and reconnect with nature.several public accesses to the seashore offer the perfect setting for an impromptu picnic with friends, couples or family.For sea kayakers, many coastal municipalities have the necessary infrastructures to welcome you in the heart of their villages. Take advantage of our kilometers of relaxation along the shores of the St. Lawrence River to recharge your batteries and fill up on salt air... What better way to end a day of outdoor activities than with the magic of a sunset at sea.

A well-planned stay!

To not miss anything and to be up to date on things to do in the region, visit the Tourisme Matane website to find out more. A multitude of activities and restaurant ideas will help you plan your stay in Matanie.

What to do in winter?

When the snow starts to pile up, the weather gets colder and the sheets thicken. Snowshoeing, snowboarding and skiing are making their debut.

Activity, movement and discovery

Auberge Bruine Océane - Mont-Castor

Mont-Castor ski center

Open on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, this ski center offers ski and snowboard trails. They can also rent for the season, for the complete equipment of half a day, a day or an evening. On site, a restaurant with a daily menu and a bar section for après-ski allows you to fully live the experience. Located 11 km from the inn, it is easy to get to Mont-Castor. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, there are trails for everyone. It is also possible to slide on a tube.

Auberge Bruine Océane - Raquette

Municipal trails: Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing

Everywhere on the territory of La Matanie are winter sports of all kinds. Go have fun in the snow powder or on the magnificent trails near the lodge! In the surrounding villages such as Baie-des-Sables, Les Méchins, Saint-Adelme, Sainte-Félicité, Saint-Jean-de-Cherbourg, Sainte-Paule and Saint-Ulric, you will find snowshoe and ski trails with free or low-cost access.

Auberge Bruine Océane - Ski Chic Chocs

Ski Chic-Chocs

Located in the Chic-Chocs mountains in Gaspésie, Ski Chic-Chocs is a company with guided services, a Mountain School, mountain biking and a shop. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will find your account. The Chic-Chocs being a more remote and less easily accessible place, it is good to be guided, especially for the first visits. It is more careful!

Auberge Bruine Océane - Pêche sur glace

Ice fishing

The Gaspesie outfitter is the only place near Matane where ice fishing is available. A great activity to do as a couple or with friends

Auberge Bruine Océane - Raquette

Matane Wildlife Reserve: Snowshoe trails

On the Matane Wildlife Reserve, you can also take advantage of the magnificent snowshoe trails. Free during the winter, these trails are maintained and are only accessible by snowshoeing or walking. Keep your eyes open, you might see a golden eagle, a fox or even a moose if you're lucky! During your winter hike, you can also observe the magnificent Matane River and many lakes that abound in different kinds of fish such as salmon and lake trout.

Igloo’s trails

At the igloo, 18 km of cross-country ski trails, 12 km of snowshoe trails and an 8 km snow bike trail (fatbike) are available to you. These are open all week and the price is displayed on the Matane tourism site. If you come to the area often, it is also possible to buy a cross-country ski pass with 6 daily access rights or several annual family and individual passes. Follow their Club de ski de fond de Matane Facebook page just before your arrival so you don’t miss anything on the state of the trails.

Auberge Bruine Océane - Parc de la Gaspésie

Gaspesie National Park

126 km from Matane is the Parc national de la Gaspésie, a natural jewel of the Gaspésie region. This magnificent place is full of impressive landscapes: “The altitude of the park’s mountains profoundly influences the climate, which shapes the entire landscape and creates a diversity of species unique in Quebec and even in the world.” Whether for hiking, snowshoeing, fishing or paddle boarding, there's something for everyone. Who knows, you might be able to spot a moose on your next hike?


Traveling the ice and shoreline of the Matane region on a fatbike (bicycle with oversized tires) increases the pleasure of discovering its coastline. The discovery of the beach by bicycle offers an unparalleled panorama of the river. A Fatbike trail has been created in Matane at the Igloo trails to accommodate enthusiasts of this new sport, 8 km are maintained. We now have 2 bikes available for rent; you can contact us by email.

Dog sledding excursion

Looking for a unique winter experience? Learn to dog sled whether you are a driver or a passenger on our beautiful trails. The sea as far as the eye can see, the huge windmills and the forest under a thick white coat. Two companies offer this activity in Gaspésie.

Auberge Bruine Océane - Vertigo Aventure

Vertigo Aventures - Off-piste skiing and snowboarding

In the heart of the Matane Wildlife Reserve sits another great winter sports company, Vertigo Aventures. The ultimate destination for off-piste skiing in the East! Their services include access by 30 km snowmobile, accommodation in a yurt or prospector tent, as well as the essential certified avalanche guide. Of course, a lot of fun in the powdered snow and in the virgin descents is on the agenda!

Auberge Bruine Océane - Société d'histoire et de généalogie de Matane

Historical and Genealogical Society

This organization, founded in 1949, wants to contribute to the safeguard and the development of the regional heritage. During your visit, you will discover a library of marriage directories, parish monographs, newspaper collections including "La Voix gaspésienne", a photo bank and genealogical records, antique objects and furniture from a wealthy home as well as the management and development of "La couleur de la Gaspésie" by Claude Picher.

Auberge Bruine Océane - Cinéma Gaité

Cinéma Gaieté

What better thing to do after a day in the great outdoors than to see a good movie in the theater. With its three tiered theatres and 3D projectors, the Cinéma Gaieté in Matane is undoubtedly one of the few, if not the only one in Eastern Quebec to offer so much to moviegoers. Plus, there's a game and DVD rental club!